Saturday, October 9, 2010, 11 am – 6 pm

The 2010 Art Publishing Now Summit invites you to join leading creators of print, online, and experimental publications to reflect on the most urgent issues and exciting possibilities in art publishing today. With topics ranging from “Publish AND Perish” to “West Coast Critical?”, the event will include a series of presentations, conversations, and panels intended to yield insight and encourage innovation in Bay Area art publishing.

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Publishing When it’s Not Publishing 11:00-12:15

Online forums capitalize on the Internet’s capacity for offering multimedia content, wide channels of distribution, and up-to-the-minute information. Live forums grant writers the opportunity to have immediate responses from their audiences. What are the economic, logistical, and technological challenges they face, and how do they answer the assertion that they are nailing the coffin for traditional print publications?
- Gwen Allen, Art Historian and Author
- Brian Andrews, Bad at Sports
- Anne Colvin, Skank bloc Bologna
- Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan, The Thing
- Tania Ketenjian, The [Un]Observed
Respondant: Steven Barich, Artopic

The New Fetish Object: Desire and significance of physical publishing 12:30-1:45

With more and more print publications turning to the web, what happens to those who remain? What is the future of the physical publication?

- Noah Lang, Electric Works
- Kelly Lynn Jones, Little Paper Planes
- Brian McMullen, McSweeney's
- Blake Riley, Arion Press
- Eleanor Hanson Wise, The Present Group
Respondent: Laura Sydell, National Public Radio

Publish AND Perish 2:00-3:15

How to create a sustainable publishing model (or alternatively) how to create a great limited run.

- Amy Berk, Stretcher
- Derek Fagerstrom, Pop-Up Magazine
- Mathew Honan, Longshot Magazine
- Andrew Leland, The Believer
- Griff Williams, Gallery 16 & Urban Digital Color
Respondent: Suzanne Stein, SFMOMA

West Coast Critical? 3:30-4:45

How does a writer establish value judgments and an individual voice? Are there prevailing characteristics that could be considered to define a regional West Coast critical perspective, whether in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, or Vancouver?

- Melissa Feldman
- Matthew Post
- Anne Walsh
- Steven Wolf
- Mark Van Proyen
Respondent: Renny Pritikin

All Ships Rise Together 5:00-6:15

Many publications in the Bay Area utilize a collaborative model to make things happen, relying on effort and investment from their fellow publishers, editors, writers, and artists. Is this model sustainable? How does it further the interests of the individual participants?

- Jamie Alexander, Park Life
- Christina Amini, Chronicle Books
- Patricia Maloney, Art Practical
- Brett MacFadden, MacFadden and Thorpe
- Valerie Wade, Crown Point Press
Respondent: Joseph Del Pesco


* Registration is now closed. The Summit is full.

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